“How to introduce Azerbaijan?”
"Baku United" became the champion of England
The third forum of the Union of Azerbaijani Youth of Ukraine is already underway
Professional boxing championship
"Voices for Peace, Voices for Karabakh" campaign started
The international futsal tournament among professionals
Cup of Tolerance
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Russia
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Romania
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Austria
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Lithuania
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Czech Republic
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 ,Germany
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 ,Ukraine
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Great Britain
Organization «Odlar Yurdu» held actions in various states about 21st anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy.
UK parliament hosts conference on Azerbaijani model of interfaith tolerance on initiative of Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva
The first event at Cambridge University dedicated to Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2012, England
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2012, Austria
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2012, Czech Republic
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2012, Romania
Novruz in Lithuania
Azerbaijani cinema in Lithuania
Heydar Aliyev Cup-2011, United Kingdom and Czech Republic
Khojaly tragedy in the United Kingdom
Baku Nights Party in the Great Britain
An Azerbaijani exhibition at the School of Oriental and African Studies, famous University of the Great Britain
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2010, United Kingdom
Miss UK-Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2009, United Kingdom
Novruz Party in the United Kingdom
The launch of the Odlar Yurdu newspaper in the United Kingdom
Baku United Football Club
Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2008, United Kingdom