Heydar Aliyev Cup-2011, United Kingdom and Czech Republic
2011-05-07 - London, Prague

The Heydar Aliyev Cup football tournament, dedicated to the memory of our National Leader, has broadened its scope. In contrast to the previous two years, in 2011 the championship took place in two European countries - the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Azerbaijanis residing in the United Kingdom, other international residents from various countries and local citizens participated in the tournament implemented by Odlar Yurdu. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, observed that interest in the Heydar Aliyev Cup had increased and therefore it had been decided to expand the scope of the championship beyond the bounds of one country and into other European countries as well. The tense matches aroused the interest of the spectators and guests. The tournament continued in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. There, the teams, consisting of youths from twelve countries - the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Honduras, Palestine, Nigeria, Sudan, Botswana, Kuwait and Ghana – continued the battle. These individual matches, which have been taking place between teams of foreign youths for nearly two years, have already acquired Cup status. Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, the sponsor of the competition, observed that ‘This tournament, dedicated to the memory of Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader, was arranged by Azerbaijani students in the United Kingdom on 10 May three years ago. I can state without hesitation that today this tournament has a special status among foreign youths in the United Kingdom, and therefore we have come to the conclusion that it is high time to develop the tournament into a Pan-European competition’.

 The teams in the tournament continued their battles in two groups. The following teams, in Group A, faced each other on the first day of the competition: Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic, Russia and Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Jordan.

 It was a hard-fought match between Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic, ending  5-3 in favour of Azerbaijan. Saudi Arabia lost 18-2 to Russia, and Jordan beat Palestine 6-2.