Khojaly tragedy in the United Kingdom
2011-02-25 - The Houses of Parliament, London

A demonstration dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy took place in front of the Houses of Parliament in London. Over 100 people participated in the demonstration, including Azerbaijani students studying in London, representatives of the Turkish Diaspora and our compatriots from Southern Azerbaijan who reside in the United Kingdom. The flags of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Northern Cyprus were waved by those participating in the protest.

The participants’ placards read ‘Stop the Armenian terror against Azerbaijan’, ‘We are against the people who have started the war’, and ‘The Khojaly Massacre – the most terrible tragedy of the 20th century’.

The participants also chanted slogans including ‘Stop the Armenian terror against Azerbaijan’ and ‘Armenia, get away from Garabagh’.

The demonstration lasted for two hours. Booklets in English about the Khojaly Massacre were distributed to passersby during the demonstration.

On 26 February 1992, Armenian armed forces committed genocide in the city of Khojaly, which had a population of 7,000. At the time of Armenian armed forces attack there were just 3,000 people in Khojaly, because a significant proportion of the population was forced to flee the city due to a siege situation lasted for more than four months. During the massacre 613 people were killed and 1,000 civilians of varying ages were disabled as the result of being shot. One hundred and six women, 63 children and 70 elderly men were killed. Eight entire families were killed, 25 children were orphaned and a further 130 lost one of their parents. On the night of the tragedy 1,275 civilians were taken hostage, and the fates of 150 of them are still unknown.