Miss UK-Azerbaijan
2009-05-19 - London

Odlar Yurdu Organisation also attempts to promote Azerbaijan within cultural circles in the United Kingdom. One of the events implemented in this area - the Miss UK-Azerbaijan beauty contest - was welcomed with special enthusiasm in London, with the Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United Kingdom, diplomats from other countries, and cultural figures attending as spectators. Young Azerbaijani women who are studying in the United Kingdom took part in this contest, which was held jointly by Odlar Yurdu and the Caspian-Khazri Society. The women, aged between 18 and 22, performed dances in Azerbaijani national dress and demonstrated various aspects of Azerbaijani customs and traditions. A panel of judges selected the winner of Miss UK-Azerbaijan from eight women. Prizes were presented to the winner and to all the participants. Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, spoke about the importance of cultural events. He noted that such events promote Azerbaijan as a shining example of the wealth of global culture.