The launch of the Odlar Yurdu newspaper in the United Kingdom
2008-12-10 - London

The presentation of the Odlar Yurdu newspaper by the Odlar Yurdu Organisation has taken place in the London. According to data submitted to the APA by the Press Office of the State Committee on Work with the Diaspora, over 70 guests attended the event. Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, spoke about the organization’s activities and projects. Mr Naghiyev evaluated the establishment of Odlar Yurdu as another success for the organization, and added that one of the organization’s key goals was to rapidly develop the newspaper into a must-read publication in European Azerbaijani communities.

He expressed his gratitude to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United Kingdom for its support for the newspaper. Fakhraddin Gurbanov, the Azerbaijani Ambassador in the United Kingdom congratulated Odlar Yurdu on the launch of this new project.