Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2008, United Kingdom
2008-05-02 - London

Azerbaijani students in the United Kingdom arranged a tournament dedicated to the memory of Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader. This mini football tournament, arranged on the initiative of Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, has grown gradually. Alongside Azerbaijanis, various foreign teams now also compete in the tournament, which is held in May. Currently this tournament has a special status among all young people, including foreigners, in the United Kingdom. The success of the tournament has motivated the organizers to expand it throughout Europe. Ilham Naghiyev, chairman of Odlar Yurdu, the sponsor of the competition, noted ‘We have come to the conclusion that it is high time to develop the tournament into a Pan-European competition’.