Organization «Odlar Yurdu» held actions in various states about 21st anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy.
2013-02-26 - Magdeburg, Germany - Sheffield, England

 On February 23 in the provincial capital of Germany, Magdeburg, with the support of «Odlar Yurdu» held the event dedicated to the 21st anniversary of the Khojaly genocide. To inform the European public about genocide event excelled with its originality. The first part of the event started with autorally. Up to 35 cars with Azeri flags, posters and banners condemnatory the genocide and attacks on Azerbaijani lands from Armenia, headed by two routes of Magdeburg. Moving vehicles on two routes are 26 and 28 km in the center of the city attracted the attention of the citizens with posters and slogans.

Car caravans, divided into 5-6 cars drove around the city for 2 hours. Resolution of the city police to hold the rally was obtained beforehand and participants accompanied by police cars.

Despite the very cold weather, it is safe to say that the event took place and as planned, to introduce as many as possible of the local population with the Khojaly genocide. Also were present at the event, and other invited guests from different countries.

The event continued with the meeting. Here also compatriots, invited Germans and representatives of NGO’s from different countries were informed about genocide Khojaly.

Author of the book "Khojaly 20", professor Rolf Kunschun drew particular attention of the guests with his performance. Chairman of the Azerbaijani-German Cultural Society of Saxony-Anhalt province Yashar Niftaliyev told a detailed history of the genocide event participants. At the end of the official part of the event were shown a film about the Khojaly tragedy. Participants of the event were donated books, brochures and CDs on Khojaly genocide and aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan.

The next event with the support of «Odlar Yurdu» was held in the UK in Sheffield. The main objective of the event was to inform foreign students about the Khojaly tragedy.

"Sheffield" Azerbaijan Society has told more 500 people about the Khojaly tragedy. In addition, members of the society by recording the video event dedicated to Khojaly, posted it to the Internet.

Articles prepared for the tragedy had been placed in a newspaper of the University. It should be noted that the number of newspapers readers are more than 2,000 people.