Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Czech Republic
2013-04-26 - Prague, Czech Republic

The winner of  "Heydar Aliyev Cup" in the Czech Republic is known


On April 26, a country qualifying stage of "Heydar Aliyev Cup" ended in the Czech Republic. 8 teams comprised of representatives of different nationalities joined  the competition   that started a week ago in Prague. The   Arabs, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Russians,   Slovaks etc. were among them .
Group stage determined 4 teams  getting into the final. A quartet of Sudaneses, Russians, Slovaks and Saudi Arabians fought for first place in semi-final. As a consequence, the Arabs took a third place. A match between the Russians and Sudaneses got  into the final was held in extremely tense atmosphere. Finally, the Russians won "Heydar Aliyev Cup"  thereby gaining the right to participate in the final game.
It will be recalled that  the tournament dedicated to the 90th jubilee of the National leader Heydar Aliyev  is held in 8 countries. The tournament started on April 20 in the UK and Germany continued in Ukraine, the Czech RepublicLithuania. Therefore, the winners of national qualifying  round  on 6   countries were determined.  Games on another 2 countries -Romania and Russia will be held in the coming days. The country winners will perform on the final round to be held in the first half of June.