Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013 , Austria
2013-04-27 - Vyana, Austria

Next stage of "Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013"  in Austria   
6 countries qualifying round of the tournament  involving 8 country ended


Qualifying stage of the International five-a-side tournament "Heydar Aliyev Cup - 2013"    was held in Austria . Ambassador of Azerbaijan in  Austria Galib Israfilov,  Charge d'Affaires of Azerbaijan in Slovenia Azer Khudiyev,    Chairman   of Land of Fire organization, Ilham Naghiyev, Chairman of the Academic Association of Azerbaijan, Elvin Suleymanov and many foreign guests participated at the opening ceremony of the tournament.
A chairman of the Academic Association of Azerbaijan, Elvin Suleymanov opened an event with an opening speech  and yielded the floor  to the Chairman of Land of Fire organization, Ilham Naghiyev.
Chairman of organization Ilham Naghiyev put the guests in the detailed picture on the tournament. He said a tournament dedicated to the 90th jubilee of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev covers 8 countries - United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Romania and Lithuania. Local amateur teams  contest to gain a winner title of national qualifying  round of the tournament in each of these countries. The winning teams of each country get a pass to the final stage to be held in Baku in the first half of June. Qualifying  rounds on the country , which started on April, 20  have been already ended in the UKUkraineGermanyCzech Republic and Lithuania.
Galib Israfilov highly appreciated the tournament. Ambassador stressed a great importance of the tournament for young compatriots coming together in Europe,  gathering  around the ideas of National Leader Heydar Aliyev. At the same time, this tournament contributed significantly  to the promotion of Azerbaijan among foreigners .
A representative of Academic Association   Elturan Allahguluzadeh informed on the rules of game. At the close, a member of the board of Academic Association   Baxish Aliyev wished success to the teams. After an official ceremony had ended, a competition  started.
Teams  of Azerbaijani, Turkish, Georgian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Austrian, German, and Bosnians fought for "Heydar Aliyev Cup".
It will be recalled that   "Heydar Aliyev Cup-2013"  has been organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Youth Union of Russia and Land of Fire organization.