"Voices for Peace, Voices for Karabakh" campaign started
2013-05-08 -

 "Voices for Peace, Voices for Karabakh" campaign started

Under ASAIF organizing and Odlar Yurdu Organisation supporting, was started a new campaign “Voices for Peace, voices for Nagorno-Karabakh”. Promotion of social, political, and media was to focus attention to the innocent victims of the Karabakh war, as well as the other conflicts in the world. One of the main goals of the campaign humanity was to take thought about forcibly displaced from their homes and displaced people who were sentenced to this kind of life. Campaign during a few days our countrymen living in the UK, Austria, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the USA, China, Italy, Moldova, and the other 17 countries, were calling for peace and unity, attracting the attention of the local residents and tourists to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict actions.